Personal Development

Self-Confidence/Self Esteem:  Understanding and improving the way we think and feel about ourselves.Why do millions of people see themselves as less able, less attractive, than they really are? What effect does low self esteem have on mental well-being, relationships and in the work place?

What is Self Confidence? It is based around your confidence in your abilities… Realistic confidence in one's own judgement, ability and power.   

Self Esteem: It is based on how much you like yourself irrespective of your abilities, position or anything else.  Those with high self esteem will never feel inadequate or inferior to others as they are content with the person they are flaws and all.

Self-Confidence and Self Esteem: Go hand in hand, and for you to live the best life you can, you must work on both.  They both can improve quickly, significantly and drastically in a small space of time by exploring the causes and the ways in which a persons' life and happiness may be restricted by their negative views of themselves.

1 day workshops on Personal development available by request