Loss of Direction

Many people feel lost. It doesn’t matter how well life has been going, these feelings of being lost and lacking direction can arise in people at any time during their life.


Each of us has a whole lot of beliefs about other people, this world and our self. These beliefs represent our interpretation of reality. They are like a map that we use to navigate through life. The accuracy of these individual maps varies. The more a map is a true representation of the way things are, the better we will find our way. If the map is outdated, faulty or with bits missing, we can feel lost.


A gap between your map of reality and your experience of reality has opened up.  Probably you believed that if you were successful, you would be happy. But the trappings of success have failed to create happiness. Your map is letting you down. It needs to be adjusted or replaced.


You need to adjust your map to incorporate the importance of feelings. Look closely at other people. What motivates them? Desire itself is a feeling. Once you start looking, you realize that feelings are paramount. You might start to wonder if we anything more than feelings.


Challenging your current beliefs is the way out of your dilemma. At first, that can make you feel even more lost. The threat of the unknown is always uncomfortable. But what have you got to lose?

Accept that your map isn’t working. Go back to basics. Read, research and explore with an open mind. You will gradually rebuild a more accurate map of reality and, if you do it thoroughly, you might even find the meaning of life.